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Thrills and Triumphs at the Victorian Masters Athletics 30+ Gift

On a gloomy Sunday morning, the Victorian Masters Athletics 30+ Gift lit up the Doncaster track. And let's just say, our Casey Cardinia athletes weren't about to let a little rain stop their game. Despite the dreary weather, we had a fantastic time and even some epic wins.


As the second largest club in attendance, everyone's performance was nothing short of inspiring.


Luke Vipond stole the show in the track events, clinching his first victory in the 1500-meter race - I'm absolutely certain the prized sash is at Luke's home basking in all its glory. Rob Italia - on the back of his Stawell Gift 800-metre win, also shone, securing third place.  


Jade Bucklow dominated the 5000-metre race and took home the win and another sash for Casey Cardinia. Patrick Herft bagged a hard-earned third place.


The 110-metre sprint kicked off with 22 runners competing in 5 heats. The field narrowed as David Ancrum, Travis Howell and Rob Italia sprinted their way into the semi-finals alongside 9 others. Then came the finale - eight runners were ready to take home that sash. Among them, David Ancrum stood out, blazing through the track and clinching an impressive sixth place.


I clocked a personal milestone by taking home third place in the 400-metre Legends race. In the 200-metre relay, despite not placing, our two teams ran well, securing 5th and 6th places.


Travis Howell came in with a solid fourth-place finish in the Mixed Throws Triathlon. And let's not forget about N.S. Bhatti [who scaled 2.95-metres in the pole vault.


Overall, it was a fantastic day. The air buzzed with laugher, lots of cheering, and true sportsmanship. If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of attending one of these events, I’d encourage you to go for it. You’d be surprised at how much fun you’ll have.


Thank you to everyone who came along on the day. And a huge thank you to Jen for all of the amazing photos.


You can check out all the results here:

Female Open110m: Jade Bucklow 16.33;400m: Laura Tomic 54.62; Jade Bucklow 59.41; Tracey Hayward 68.21;1500m: Laura Tomic 11:09.59; Jade Bucklow DNS; Tracey Hayward DNS;5000m: Jade Bucklow 26:20.19;Male Open110m: David Ancrum 12.77; 12.81; Travis Howell 12.88; Rob Italia 13.34; David Ancrum 14.52; Rob Italia 15.14; Travis Howell 15.65;400m: Rob Italia 53.57; Luke Vipond 54.28; David Ancrum 58.47;1500m: Luke Vipond 9:53.47; Rob Italia 10:54.09; Raj Thorat 10:55.30; Patrick Herft 10:58.10; Andrew Cutting 11:05.52; Stuart Evans DNS; Travis Howell DNS; Pramesh Prasad DNS;5000m: Patrick Herft 26:24.44; Pramesh Prasad 26:46.34; Raj Thorat 27:01.16; Andrew Cutting 27:05.97; Kishore Kumar 28:04.71; Rob Italia DNS;2000m Walk: Pramesh Prasad 14:44.06;Mixed AL4x200m: (Andrew Cutting, Pramesh Prasad, Tracey Hayward, Luke Vipond) 2:31.99; (David Ancrum, Jade Bucklow, Laura Tomic, Rob Italia) 2:34.74;Mixed JumpsTriathlon:Travis Howell 306pts: Long Jump: 3.71m (89pts); High Jump: 1.30m (100pts);N S Bhatti 182pts: High Jump: 1.30m (81pts); Long Jump: 4.09m (0pts); Pole Vault: 2.95m (101pts);Tracey Hayward 160pts: High Jump: 1.00m (83pts); Long Jump: 2.70m (77pts);Mixed ThrowsTriathlon:Travis Howell 306pts: Javelin: 22.39m (86pts); Discus: 25.13m (112pts); Shot Put: 7.41m (108pts); Discus: 24.67m (110pts); Shot Put: 7.21m (105pts); Javelin: 20.62m (79pts);Tracey Hayward 160pts: Javelin: 7.48m (33pts); Shot Put: 5.25m (70pts); Discus: 11.71m (53pts);


Coming up next: the Browne Shield. Stay tuned for more information.


Your field reporter for the day, Tracey 

13 members taking part 

Photo: Johnsons Photography

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