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Two Bays 2024

Yesterday, one of Victoria iconic trail run did take place from Dromana to Cape Schank. There was the option to run from Cape Schank to Drama and back, total of 56km. Casey Masters thought one was with 28km is good enough of a Sunday morning run. The weather was close to perfect, cool and overcast. Over last few years strarting in wave shows a good solution to keep the crowd under control, especially one the first climb to Arthur Seat. At least something positive left over from COVID 😂. Kevin to position of his usual spot as volunteer, and we thank him and all the other volunteers. Without them, the race wouldn't be possible. Listen to other runners, you could hear the comparisons between thi race & Marysville, as to which one is more difficult. Coming to each aid station was always a delight, seeing all the friendly volunteers and have a chat. I guess, this me be the reason my name was dropped of the result list, meaning longer than 4 hours. Never mind, was a nice run / walk in the company of my daughter. I'm sure there are already many runners planning their comeback for 2025.

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