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Parkrun run statistics by Tracey 2024-05-24


I've finally completed the Parkrun stats. Thank you to Rob Italia for the handover. While it took a little longer than expected (oops), seeing everyone's achievements was inspiring - you all ROCK! If you notice anything that's not right, just let me know.


As many know, this week was National Volunteer Week. Let's give a massive shout-out to all our amazing members who dedicate their time to volunteering at the Parkruns. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!


Well done to Michelle Stott on completing her 150th Parkrun. Definitely a milestone worth celebrating 😎

Do you have an upcoming milestone? Let us know and we'll rally the troops to make it even more memorable 🤩

PS As this is new to me, if you have any thoughts/suggestions on what you'd like to see from the Parkrun stats, drop me a line.

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