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Fifth and final race of the Browne Shield 2023

What an exciting day for many of our members!

A sunny, but cool day, ideal for a long run. Today was the Burnley Half Marathon, organised by Athletics Victoria. This is the longest race in the series. For the first time in the club's history, we managed to participate in all five events. What is even more impressive is that we had 8 members doing all 5 events (Mesh, Mark, Stephen, Hamish, Vikramjit, Sharan and myself). There are some other club records set this year, as well as VMA records in regards of participation. Casey Fields Masters attendance on each event was over 20 members.

Today's race was straight forward with four loops on Yarra Boulevard. We had a 7:30am start for all of us not so speedy ones; the main race starting at 8:00am. It was nice to see the support and encouragement each of our members gave to everyone, including Lindsay as an official who was one of the turn-around marshals. The group dynamics were brilliant, everyone stayed back until our last runner crossed the finish line. Go to the gallery where you can see many pictures from today's event. Thanks to Christine for being out on the course and making sure she captured all of you.

Use the linkbelow to see your time.

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Hsien Chiam
Hsien Chiam
Sep 03, 2023

Awesome work Team Casey!!! So much progression!!👍⭐

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