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Bradford-Sheehan Pentathlon 2024

Today was the Bradford-Sheehan Pentathlon, also known as the Victorian Masters State Championship. Lakeside Stadium was the selected venue, and for a lot of our members this was a special event. Not only was the venue new, to compete in field events was not common for most of us. Travis had to give it a miss today due to injury. This left a 5 men team (David, Gurinder, Mesh, Rob & myself) to compete. As expected, the age group 60-64 with 8 competitors was the biggest group. The weather was a typical summers day with 33 degrees C. Sunscreen and water, besides a shady place were topping the list of necessities today. Gurinder started in the 35 age group and finished in 2nd place with 1666 pts. Next up was David with a brilliant 4th place in a strong field reaching 1648 pts. Of course, our coach's aim was to reach a new personal best, which he got with 1798 pts and a 2nd place in the age group 45-49. Rob finished 1st place with 1714 pts. The last event of the day was the 1500m which was not an easy task taking place at 2pm in the afternoon heat. For me, finishing the distance in 6:58.04 was a good result.

It would be great if at next year's event also ladies could join our team of participants.

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