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2024-03-24 Strava update by Steve

This is the weekly distance report for our Strava Club members, ending 24th of March. Everyone is doing so well in their runs keep it up. This from now on will be in alphabetical order

Andrew .M 86.0 km

Arlene 23.0 km

Bernie 52.6 km

Blaise 5.0 km

Carolyn 7.6km

Cindy 40.1 km

Clarence 94.4 km

Craig 38.6 km

Darren 54.2 km

David A 4.9 km

David S (RW) 13.0 km

Donny 49.5 km

Eftalia 23.6 km

Gautam 63.9 km

Hsien 11.4 km

Jayde 5.0 km

Jo Anne. 24.5km

Kishor 11.0 km

Krystal 12.0 km

Loz. 23.1km

Luke 11.8 km

Margaret 12.8 km

Mark 60.3 km

Marty 17.4 km

Michael A 32.7 km

Michael B 5.0 km

Michael K 5.3 km

Michelle 31.8 km

Paul B 37.2 km

Peter 10.5 km

Raj 24.9 km

Sarah 8.6 km

Sean 13.7 km

Shadab 22.0 km

Shelby 11.1 km

Shelley 33.6 km

Steven 42.2 km

Susie 10.0 km

Toni 17.1 km

Tracey H 18.6 km

Tracy F 61.5 km

Travis 5.5 km

Veronic 5.0 km

Anybody interested in joining our club, search Casey Fields Masters Running Club on Strava clubs and send a request to join. To be visable on the stats tally, you need to follow me Steven Kompogiorgas on Strava.


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