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2023 Diwali Event

Report by Kevin Cassidy


Attracting a swarm of Casey Masters athletes and a swag more visitors, the annual Diwali festival continued its positive growth.

The basic equation of progressing as far as possible by foot for an hour was the concept of the first event which had 39 runners/walkers circumnavigating the track numerous times. Pramesh proved his worth as ringmaster with a two minute warning then the final whistle.

Spread over five heats, 18 runners contested the night’s premiere event, the Mike Hall” 200 metre sprint. Mike himself dished up much mirth during the entry process when he mistook the 60 minute event for a 60 metre sprint!

Demonstrating that his talents don’t just lie in administration, the prestigious “Mike Hall Trophy” was lifted by none other than VMA Grand Poobah, Rob Mayston.

With the physical activities complete, a massive smorgasbord of delicious food awaited inside but no one was tucking in until we’d heard from our celebrity guest. Olympian and Australian 1500 metre record holder, Linden Hall, had graced us with her presence. Friendly, approachable, engaging, chatty and with no tickets on herself whatsoever, she delivered an excellent insight into the life of a world class athlete and had the entire audience captivated.

November 2024, it all happens again. Be there!!!!

Oh, and the impossible pie was extra yummy, although I’ve no idea why it’s so named!

Casey 30+ 2023 Diwali Results (PDF) - Please Clink the Link Below

Diwali 2023 Results
Download PDF • 32KB

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