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10000m Track Championship 2024 Report

First Browne Shield Event of 2024: A Wet and Triumphant Day at Casey Fields

On a wet and cold Sunday morning, Casey Fields came alive with the first Browne Shield event for 2024. The VMA 10,000 metre track event, the inaugural race of the winter series, will be etched in our memories for its challenging weather and inspiring performances. 92 dedicated runners took to the track, their shoes squishing through the rain-soaked surface as they navigated the 25 laps. The ringing of the bell, signalling the final lap, was music to their ears.

The event was split into three heats, and the enthusiasm of the participants was matched by the perseverance of the lap scorers. We owe a massive gratitude to our lap scorers who braved the chill to flawlessly count the laps for each runner, ensuring a smoothly run race.

While all runners gave stellar performances (there were many shouts of 'that was my PB'), Simon Tu from Doncaster completed the 10,000 metres in the fastest time of the day with 35:25.56. Lauren Foley from Casey proved to be the quickest female on the day, completing her run in 48:15.40.

A special mention goes to Ian Cameron from Queensland, whose participation was particularly noteworthy. Ian achieved the highest age-grade score of the event with an impressive 91.81% (world-class level). He also won his age group (Male 70) with a time of 38:39.85. Yassine Belaabed (83.77%) and Liz Lowther (87.43%) followed closely with impressive age-grade scores.

We wish we could shout out every single person, because their accomplishments on the day were fantastic. However, you can view the full list of runners here:

No event is a success without the collective effort of its participants and contributors. This day was no different. The officials, the lap scorers, the runners, the volunteers and of course, the supporters - each one contributed to the success of the day. And the food - well it was delicious. From sandwiches and soups to delectable cakes and piping hot delicacies, a big shoutout to all those who contributed to the feast.

We also extend our gratitude to Pramesh (Mesh) Prasad, Vice President of Victorian Masters Athletics and President of Casey Cardinia Masters Athletics, for his hard work in leading the event. His dedication, along with the efforts of everyone who helped out on the day, ensured that the first Browne Shield event for 2024 (and the first at Casey Fields) was a triumph despite the challenging weather.

Reporter Tracey Hayward

Pictures Elise Hess

More pics in Photo Gallery, Click here.

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