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Hsien-Ming Chiam


My Parkrun PB Time

28m 01sec Pakenham

Favourite Running Experience

All of them

Hsien-Ming Chiam

Year Started Running


Year Joined Casey


My Running Journey

Ran as a child / School sports competitive / Social / Fun runs and now back to some comps with Masters opportunities

About Me

My Hobbies

Cooking etc

Sports Played Before Running

Running still

How I Found Casey 30+

Colleagues who came before

What I Love About Casey 30+

Social / Regular consistent meetings

Favourite Movies

Comedy, 80s and Historical movies

Favourite Music


Favourite Food

All foods

Favourite Drink

Tea / Coffee

Sporting Highlight

21km Melb Mara / 35km Long Walk - Virtual

Running Goals

Full Marathon - keep going!

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