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Arlene D'monte


My Parkrun PB Time

42m 00sec at Berwick Waters

Favourite Running Experience

Taking part at VMA

Arlene D'monte

Year Started Running

Year Joined Casey


My Running Journey

I was a great athlete as a teenager, then joined Casey Masters after 40 years. Love the company and the training, it has inspired me to do more racewalking, running and to compete in some events.

About Me

My Hobbies

Fashion designing, dressmaking, travelling, music, reading, playing guitar and ukuele

Sports Played Before Running

Basketball and Hockey

How I Found Casey 30+

After moving close by

What I Love About Casey 30+

Love the company and training

Favourite Movies

Godfather, Shawshank redemption, Pulp Fiction, The dressmaker, Notebook and more

Favourite Music

Credence Clearwater Revival, Fleetwood Mac, Bee Gees and more

Favourite Food

Chocolates and Cakes

Favourite Drink

Cappuccino and Ginger Wine

Sporting Highlight

Winnig overall championships (100m, 200m sprits, high jump, long jump and shotputt) atschool from 1967 - 1975

Running Goals

Keep training and hopefully run the half marathon and Browne Shield one day

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