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Albin Hess

The numbers man

My Parkrun PB Time

22m 03sec at Berwick Springs

Favourite Running Experience

Doing my first MM and the kids waiting on the finish line

Albin Hess

Year Started Running


Year Joined Casey


My Running Journey

Since I joined Casey 30+ (or Casey Masters) early 2022, I was inspired by many members of their passion for running. With a deep love for fitness and a drive for self-improvement, I have now embraced the sport of running.

At an early age I developed a strong affinity for running, participating in school races and local competitions. Unfortunately, I did not persevere with the sport. I now understand that running is not just about physical endurance, but also mental resilience and determination.

I enjoy the disciplined training by coach Mesh and training with the groups.

About Me

My Hobbies

Walking / hiking and reading (even I’m a slow reader).

Sports Played Before Running

Canoeing, single & double in slalom and down river / white water, was able to start for my home state in Germany as a team member at the National Championship, winning multiple state championship over the years.

How I Found Casey 30+

Not sure, to long ago, maybe even at that time Mesh started to trag people along

What I Love About Casey 30+

Everyone is looking after each other, all inclusive doesn’t matter your fitness level, and the social time after each training.

Favourite Movies

Nothing in particular, not the guy watching the same movie over and over again

Favourite Music

Not really, could listen to four seasons from Vivaldi, followed by ZZ Top, or Pink Floyd

Favourite Food

Ask me tomorrow and it would be something different.

Favourite Drink

Keep the tradition good German wheat beer.

Sporting Highlight

Every single event I started and learned something is a personal highlight, even the ones I got last

Running Goals

Be able for as long as possible to be out and exercise, and set a few personal record like ultra walking 500km in 6 days.

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