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Victorian Masters Athletics 3000m State Championship 2024

Yesterday was the annual 3000m track Championship at McKannon Reserve. 80 competitors signed up, that meant four heats had to be done. The seating was based on the time each runner put on the entry form. No complaints about the weather, cool and no wind promised good racing.

The first heat had also our oldest competitor of the day on the start. For the women it was Pam Meaws with 89 years, followed by Ashley Page with 83 years for the men. Casey had ten runners on the start. For many of us, it was the first time. So the excitement was great. There were outstanding performances of each of the participants.

Craig Dodsworth had a fantastic time with10:16.69, 2nd overall and silver medal winner.

This time, the girls did out perform the men's team by all of them reaching a podium position. Maybe it can be contributed to the fact that our coach, Tracey Hayward was the leading example by winning in her age group.

The result details can be found by using link below.

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