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John Gosbell 2023

On Thursday was the last major Master event for 2023, many of our members were looking for to participate. A number of the crew took the trip to EB to support their annual John Gosbell memorial 5k relay ‘teams’ run. A fantastic night with great results! Thanks to EB for being the best host and providing so much yummy food and being so considerate 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

We won the fastest men’s & women’s event, greatest age grade and both A & B teams finished also first 🥇 win / win 😉

Stick around after training Monday to hear about these amazing times… 😳

some girls sub 20 some boys sub 19! it’s not the time but the times together made it a fun night 🤩

Keep running & hope you can join us next time 😎

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